Milford Sound


Sunriser Classic

A big loop of Milford taking in the highlights.*


Stirling Sunriser / Twilight Wind & Waves 

Take the water taxi out beyond Stirling Falls and paddle back.*


Morning Glory 

Paddle the full length of the sound and water taxi back.*


Afternoon Delight 

Water taxi out and paddle back the full length of the sound.*


Milford Cruiser 

An excursion around Deepwater Basin and across to Bowen Falls.*


Milford Track Paddle and Walk 

Paddle to Sandfly Point to walk part of the Milford Track.*

  1. Milford Airport - Milford's own bustling airfield. Why not fly from Queenstown and see beautiful Fiordland National Park from the air before you experience it on the water?
  2. Milford Hotel - The site of the original accommodation house built by Donald Sutherland who settled in Milford Sound in 1878.
  3. Milford Sound Lodge - Cosy chalets, backpacker-style rooms and campervan sites. The only place to stay in Milford!
  4. Milford Sound Visitor Terminal and Boat Harbour - This is the departure point for all cruises.
  5. Cemetery Point - Named to reflect the grave-like mounds of debris from Bowen Falls. It has even been used as an actual burial ground - the first person to be buried there was a track worker in 1894.
  6. Bowen Falls - This spectactular waterfall drops 160m from a hanging valley in the Darren Ranges. It is best seen by kayak.
  7. Sinbad Gully - The slopes of Mt Phillips, the Llawrenny Peaks and Mire Peak enclose this hanging valley.
  8. Mitre Peak - So named because of its resemblance to a Bishop's Mitre. This spectacular 1682m mountain is believed to be one of the world's highest mountains to rise out of the sea.
  9.  Copper Point - Named for the copper present in the rock.
  10. Anita Bay - This location was often frequented by Maori in search of bowenite (takiwai) - a type of greenstone.
  11. St Anne Point - The lighthouse on this point has helped vessels travelling up the coast since the late 1800s.
  12. Dale Point - This marks the northern point of the entrance to Milford Sound. From the open sea, the entrance is almost impossible to sight and explains why Milford Sound went unnoticed by whalers and other ships for so long.
  13. Marine Reserve - Piopiotahi Marine Reserve covers an area of 690 hectares on the northern side of the fiord.
  14. Pembroke Glacier - Located on Mt Pembroke (2014m), this glacier is a remmant of the historic glaciers that carved out Milford Sound.
  15. Stirling Falls - These 155m high falls were named after Captain Stirling of HMS Clio.
  16. The Lion - A 1301m high rock formation named for its shape, but officially called Mt Kimberley.
  17. Milford Sound Underwater Observatory - Built in 1994, a visit here provides an intimate view of life below the waterline.
  18. Harrison Cove - At the mouth of the Harrison River, this cove offers the fiord's most sheltered anchorage.
  19. Deepwater Basin - This is where Rosco and his team launch their sea kayaks on their adventures!
  20. Sandfly Point - The finish of the world famous Milford Track.

*Please note: Rosco's Milford Kayaks reserves the right to cancel or change any part of any kayaking trip. This could be due to, but not limited to, adverse sea, river, road or weather conditions.


Road to Milford


Please drive to the conditions and keep to the left at all times.

Petrol - When driving yourself to Milford, please make sure you have a full tank of petrol or diesel when leaving Te Anau (240km return).

Snow Chains - Chains may be needed during the winter months (May - November). Please check before you depart Te Anau.

Car Parking - A car parking area is provided at Milford Sound, 10 minutes' walk from the Visitor Terminal (which is the cruise departure point). Don't forget to switch your lights off before leaving your vehicle.

The road to Milford Sound is highly scenic and for those driving themselves with time to spend looking around, you may wish to experience the following stops and short walks. 

Please note: Milford Sound is 4+ hours' drive from Queenstown and 2+ hours' drive from Te Anau - dependent on road and weather conditions.

  1. Lake Mistletoe - Enjoy an easy walk through regenerating beech forest to a small glacial lake (45mins return).
  2. Te Anau Downs - This sheltered harbour is the departure point for Milford Track walkers. Accommodation is available.
  3. Mirror Lakes - Small tarns situated roadside, famous for their mountain reflections in calm weather.
  4. Knobs Flat - Visitor amenities including interpretation displays, toilets, campervan sewage disposal and telephone (card only). Accommodation is available.
  5. Lake Gunn Nature Walk - This pleasant walk via a loop track takes you through red beech forest to the shores of Lake Gunn. On the way, a variety of mosses and native birds can usually be seen (45mins return). Wheelchair accessible.
  6. The Divide - This is the lowest east-west pass in the Southern Alps (531m) and it marks the start of the Routeburn, Caples and Greenstone Tracks. Shelter and toilets are provided.
  7. Key Summit - This walk from The Divide initially follows the Routeburn Track. lt takes you through native forest, then over open ground with alpine tarns, shrub land and bogs. The Key Summit viewpoint provides spectacular views of the Hollyford, Greenstone and Eglinton Valleys (3hrs return).
  8. Routeburn Track - This popular three-day walking track to Lake Wakatipu takes trampers over a high alpine pass (1277m).
  9. Hollyford Valley Lookout (Pops View) - Spectacular roadside views over the Hollyford Valley.
  10. Marian Corner - The avalanche gates at Marian Corner are closed whenever there is avalanche danger to motorists.
  11. Lower Hollyford Road - The Hollyford Road turn-off leads to the Lake Marion Walking Track, Gunns Camp, Humbolt Waterfall and Hollyford Track.
  12. Lake Marian - A walk through silver beech forest into the Marian Valley departs from the Marian swing bridge, which is 1km down the lower Hollyford Road from Marian Corner. The track leads you to an idyllic picnic spot beside Lake Marian, affording superb alpine views (3hrs return).
  13. Gunns Camp - Cabin accommodation is available at Gunns Camp. The early settlers museum is well worth a visit.
  14. Homer Tunnel Nature Walk - From the eastern end of Homer Tunnel, you can take a short walk through the alpine zone. The native plants are a delight to view, particularly in the December/January flowering period. Keas are frequently seen here (please do not feed them).
  15. Homer Tunnel - This 1219m long unlined road tunnel (two-way traffic) slopes down toward the Milford side with a gradient of 1 in 10. It is controlled by traffic lights during daylight hours.
  16. The Chasm - An impressive rock chasm formed by the rushing waters of the Cleddau River. The loop forest walk offers views of waterfalls and sculptured rock formations (20mins return). Please stay behind safety barriers. Wheelchair accessible.
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